Sad News.

It’s taken us a bit of time to update the Captain’s Blog due to the fact that we have had some sad news to announce and have been putting off the dreaded moment, but here it is…

We opened the shop on the 27th May and many thanks to everyone who turned up to show their support.  Sadly Jon, Smeg & Myself missed much of the afternoon following a tragic accident which resulted in the death of our much loved collie dog Pearl.  Pearl became an inspiring little member of the family – to the point of even having voting rights in the house!  🙂  She provided a great motivation for the 7th Wave project and always kept us laughing even at the hardest and lowest parts of the journey.

7th Wave is dedicated to the memory and spirit of Pearl (2003-2006) who brought us so much love in the short time she was part of our lives.  Hoy on Puppy..! x