Regatta? Woof?


Good Sniffings upon you, my salty sea-friends.

I be currently biding my time down here in Port Erin, where my fleet is moored while we wait for news from my fellow sea-dogs, but I also be lookin for crew – I need strong willed fellows and lasses to try out my fleet. I don’t want my boats getting shy of the water, they have to be kept on their toes y’see. Can’t be havin em get afraid o’ it can we.

So, if yas think you could help me out on this, there’s a lass in the shop down here who’ll show ya the ropes for the passing of a few good pieces of the ole silver.
I be hearing too that today is Regatta Day in Port Erin, so there’s lots of folk on the beach today, all playing and having a grand old time, al be having to go out there for a skeet soon, but for now I’m just going to be watching the shop, make sure my Skipper doesn’t run off again like she did last night. I don’t want to be loosing a fine crew member to another boat.

Anyway M’ Hartys, I’m off for a tankard of my best grog (though to let yas into a secret – I’m more convinced that The Skipper filled it with water last time I asked her to get some from the holds)

Happy Woof!

Cap’n BlackJack