My latest (and almost secret) adventure!

Well there we all were on Wednesday evening Jon & Jenni had had taken me to see my little friend Tash round at Rebecca’s house, when they went out and left us!!!

Me, Tash & Cobweb the cat hadn’t been left on our own here before and it was lovely there, the fire was roaring and we were all cosy and warm.  Then the front door opened – all on it’s own!!  And we sat and looked at the night outside…….. and I started to wonder where Jon & Jenni had gone, they don’t often leave me at least not for long anyway, maybe they had forgotten me?

Tash could see what I was thinking……”don’t go out there” she said “we’ll be in trouble”.  “But they’ve left me” I explained “they don’t normally leave me and they’ve been gone a long time!”  “We can’t go out there” said Tash again.  Cobweb didn’t seem to mind if I went, funny things cats, I just can’t work them out.  “No, Jon & Jenni have left me too long now, I’m going to make sure they’re alright, I should be with them”.  Well Tash refused to move “I’m too small and it’s too cold and I’m not allowed out there without a person, I’m staying here by the fire”.  “Women! Such wimps” I thought to myself as I slipped out the door.

And it was great! Just me and the dark night, the wind was blowing all about my fur as I began my search for Jon & Jenni.  I kept “off the road” as I’d been told sooooo many times when I’ve been out with Jon & Jen, I looked out for cars whenever I came to road I had to cross and I looked and looked everywhere for signs of my friends.  I made my way to the flat, maybe they’d gone home without me?  Maybe Smeg would be home and he would let me in?  But the flat was dark, I scratched on the door but no-one came.  Where could they be on this cold night?

I started along the route me & Jen walk when we go to the shop.  I love this walk, I get to tease the sheep all stuck in their fields, following each other round with no real idea of why they are here! Silly sheep.  I remember the days I used to chase em round (when I was allowed to).  I trotted along the back road, teasing the sheep & not teasing the big scarey cows!  I got to Port Erin and headed down the hill toward the shop, “they MUST be here” I thought to myself.  I rounded the corner and cut across the path to Martin’s house and there was the shop.  “Oh NO!” There were no lights on, the doors were shut, no car, no sign of them, nothing…… “Oh dear, what has happened? Where could they be? Now I’m all alone, cold, lonely and quite possibly lost?”  I didn’t know what to do.  I wasn’t sure if I could get back to Tash’s from here, I wasn’t sure of anything and I didn’t know where else to look for Jon & Jenni.  So I sat & I waited and waited and waited.  “Silly me, maybe I should have listened to the little dog, should have stayed by the fire with my little friend, now here I am, cold, lonely and a bit frightened. What if they don’t come here until tomorrow, what if I am out here all night??????”

Not knowing what else to do I waited.  I had been waiting ages and I was very cold, even with my warm winter coat on.  Then I heard it! Yep I heard it, the thump thump thump of the diesel engine…..the headlights, the Frontera, Jon, Jenni – Whoopeee they came for me!  I was so happy, I put my tail right up in the air & gave a big smile…….

Until I got shouted at…….. I didn’t know, I didn’t understand that they would be worried & I would be in trouble – although the little dog has said so.  “Women! Why are they always right!?”  Still, they weren’t cross with me for long, they were relieved to see me, just as I was pleased to see them…….

And so we set off, back to the nice warm fire at Tash’s house, lots of fuss and eventually a nice warm bed!  I don’t think I’ll be running out and about on my own again, especially not in the winter.  I must learn to stay by the fire…………

Jon & Jen, I’m really sorry for worrying and upsetting you – I’ll try not to do it again.  Please forgive me, I only wanted to be with you.  Woof!