Youth Sailing Week 7th – 11th July

What a windy week we’ve had (two tiller extensions and one Tera mast later)! It has been nearly perfect conditions (except for the grey skies and rain) for a Stage 3 / 4 week, the seven sailors who’ve been with us this week have really enjoyed themselves – and so have our instructors. We like getting the chance to go out in a bit of breeze for some fun. It has been testing conditions for the students with the wind almost always being offshore and therefore really gusty, all coped admirably.

So at the end of this week we have seven students who have all learned how to hike out hard, each has had a go at blasting around in the 420, two man boating being a completly new experience for some and only a few capsized. Tom and Alex have completed their Stage 4 this week and demonstrated a text book righting of the turtled 420 after an impressive capsize while gybing in a huge gust! Photos are on the Gallery