Jack’s comedy moment

Our seadog Jack, the same seadog who ordinarily refuses to get even his feet wet made an ever so slight error this morning.

He is smart enough to realise that he can’t climb a ladder so whenever we leave the boat tied up on the wall at a ladder he has to be dropped off at the steps or slipway first. He is usually pretty good to meet us and sits waiting at the top of the ladder until we have finished tying the boat up, then we can carry on on out merry way.

This morning I was moving the boat from the Raglan Pier to berth it up by the Sunbeam, so Jack had to be dropped off at the slipway first. I pootled in to the slip and was about 15ft from the slip and Jack’s dry route off the boat. So I said to him ‘are you ready to get off Jack’ he headed for the bow of the boat and instead of waiting as he usually does, being an aquaphobic creature, he just kept on going one big leap over the bow followed by an almighty splash! Hahahahahahaha 🙂 I am still laughing about it now, there he was forced to swim (the first time I have ever seen him swim) cold, wet and shocked…. He clambered out at the slipway and wouldn’t even look at me as I tried to hide my chuckling, poor embarassed wet dog. I don’t think he’ll make that mistake again.