We had two brilliant Youth Sailing Weeks over Easter, seven students the first week and nine the second, instructors Breeshey, Baggie and Jen, Jon in the shop and on RIB launching duties and Jack happy to be at sea again. Georgie Drinkwater acheived her RYA Stage 4 during the first week and her and Baggie were the first people to fly a spinnaker at 7th Wave! Baggie also managed to capsize the 420 while he was at the helm, much to our amusement. Five new students really got the hang of it quickly and achieved Stage 1. It was Massimo’s birthday on the Tuesday and it was my birthday on the Wednesday. Julie and Ruth made me a fantastic PSM Lifeboat shaped cake, which was shown off and shared with everyone. It was a windy birthday though so the group braved the cold sea and went bodyboarding.

During the second week our group of Stage 2 & 3 sailors had a lot of fun on the water, whilst refreshing the RYA syllabus and really refining their skills. It is great to see how this particular group have progressed from being beginners to very competent and able young sailors. Hannah Howitt and Izzy Sharpe spent the week sailing the 420 and completing their RYA Stage 4. They looked very impressive in the boat and last year’s Manx Youth Sailing Squad training has really raised their sailing standard. They had great fun at the same time and were smiling and laughing the whole week. Matt Petts and Tara Murphy achieved RYA Stage 2 during the course. And another rudder lost in the ‘Rudder Triangle’ of Port Erin Bay.

Photos have now been uploaded to the website gallery – after three weeks of looking for the wire which connects camera to computer. I did try using a card reader we had – but that is another story….