Youth Sailing Weeks 2009

We are now three weeks into our summer Youth Sailing Weeks. Week one was a fairly windy week for Chess and Ffinlo but despite the weather Chess acheived her RYA Stage 1 certificate and Ffinlo managed to get a few more of his Seven Stars challenges signed off.

Week two was a busy week with nine kids altogether. Sarah Butler, Annabel Chapman, Giles and Alastair Bath all acheived their RYA Stage 3 award and showed some excellent sailing in the 420s during the week. They even had them sailing backwards and cruising about the bay sailing without the rudders!

The Tera sailing team also had a super week. George Blackwell, Max Tittle and Ellie Tittle all flew through the Stage 1 award and got a lot of Stage 2 signed off during the week and Mims and Mattie Jaggar back for their second year completed Stage 2. These guys had a race series running throughout the week which was won by Max. They were also introduced to some of 7th Wave’s new on the water games including Simon Says and Port Erin Sheepdog! Pirate Friday was turned into Wizard Friday to mark the new Harry Potter film.

Week three, last week was another fairly breezy week with Friday being the gentlest day of them all. Much of the week was spent in the Teras practising the five essentials, hopping into the Pig to wear the ‘thinking’ cap whilst being quizzed on the course theory, then back into the Teras again. There was a lot of capsize practise during the week, (usually not deliberate) and toward the end of the week Philip had mastered sailing without falling out of the boat!! Stage 1 was awarded to Ben Awkal and Stage 2 to Philip and Richard Simon, Rory Murphy, Erika and Fin Procter.