Honda / RYA Youth RIB Challenge 2009

Back in May we held our 7th Wave heats for the Honda / RYA Youth RIB Challenge. From a total of 13 entrants six were selected to represent 7th Wave at the IOM Regional Finals. There were two age groups for age 12 and under and another for age 13 – 16 year olds. Alex Sharpe, Giles Bath and Alastair Bath were the fastest three in the age 13 – 16 group. James Kelly, Lucy Gregg and Fraser Grant finished at the quickest three respectively in the 12 and unders.

The IOM Regional Finals were held at the IOMYC. This year each age group was won by a 7th Wave representative! Alex Sharpe won the 13 – 16s and Lucy Gregg won the age 12 and unders (although she also scored a quicker time than Alex!)

Lucy and Alex are off to Southampton Boatshow this weekend to compete in the national final of the Honda / RYA Youth RIB Challenge. We wish them both the best of luck and hope that you all have a really good time at the show.