RS Tera Open Meeting report and results

The Tera Sport fleet had some incredibly close racing; Ffinlo Wright won Race 1, Amie Shute won Race 2 and Greg Kelly won Race 3. Ffinlo was in the lead overnight with five points, Greg and Amie were equal second with seven points each.

Three boats raced with the Tera Pro rig, Hannah Howitt, Izzy Sharpe and James Kelly each scored one win during the first day of racing. Hannah was leading overnight with five points, James second with six points and Izzy third with seven points.

The forecast was for a bit more wind on the Sunday, however by the start of race one the SW wind had dropped significantly, there were still some waves to play with outside the harbour. A course was set between Carthure Perch and Alfred Pier to try and give some shelter for the competitors. The result was some variable winds, waves on one side of the course and flat water on the other side, some tough decisions for the competitors and frequent position changes on the windward legs.

Ffinlo had to a good start in race one and finished in first place with Greg Kelly a close second, putting Ffinlo three points ahead at the start of Race 5. Then the positions were all to change. Ffinlo was over the start line and had to restart and Greg led the Sport fleet for the whole race. He had some stiff competition from newcomer Matthew Petts both were neck and neck at the last leeward mark. Greg finished in first place with Matthew a credible second and Ffinlo third. Greg now led the fleet and needed to keep Ffinlo behind him to win the series.

Greg had a poor start to Race 6 and battled up the first windward leg to regain his position at the front of the fleet. Meanwhile Harriet Quayle sailed an excellent race and finished in second place. Ffinlo finished third giving Greg Kelly the overall win for the series.

In the Pro fleet James sailed well and won Races 4 and 6, Hannah won Race 5 and Izzy sailed consistently finishing second in every race on Sunday. Overall James finished first, Hannah second and Izzy third.

It was great to see so many young people entering this regatta, on the whole there were some excellent performances and it is hoped that all the sailors will continue to race throughout the season.

Thanks to Race Officer Mick Kneale, Event Co-ordinator Cathie Ashurst, all the safety crews and 7th Wave for providing additional boats for competitors.

Overall Results:

RS Tera Sport Fleet
1st Greg Kelly 8 points
2nd Ffinlo Wright 9 points
3rd Amie Shute 15 points
4th Harriet Quayle 18 points
5th Matthew Petts 22 points
6th Imogen Wild 27 points
7th Michael Moore 31 points
8th Thomas Moulden 36 points
9th Tony Pitt 57 points

RS Tera Pro Fleet
1st James Kelly 8 points
2nd Hannah Howitt 9 points
3rd Izzy Sharpe 10 points