Exciting day today!

What should have been a quiet day turned out to be rather exciting.

It started with a call to Dad who was in a very busy PSM lifeboat station, it turned out they had a party of guests and needed a crew to take them out on the boat. So at 1pm we took the boat out for an hour.

At 2.45 students from the Buchan arrived at the station for a pre-arranged visit a part of the Buchan Badge scheme. The students were great and had loads of really good questions about the RNLI and both the ILB and ALB on station. We were mid-conversation about rescues when our Mechanic Gordie came in and said “we’ve had a launch request”. So the Buchan Badge pupils were treated to watching both boats launch on service!

The shout was to a 26ft yacht who was off Pooil Vaaish with a lobster pot well and truly snagged in the propeller and around the rudder. Two crew members Mike and Tom Keggen went aboard the yacht and secured the tow line which was transferred to the yacht by the ILB. The yacht was then towed into Port St Mary by the ALB. At 5.30 the boats were back on station.

6pm home for a cup of tea!