2012 Youth Sailing Weeks finished today :(

Well, it’s the end of this summer’s Youth Sailing Weeks 🙁 And despite all the rain and the absence of sun it has been a great 9 weeks. Huge thanks to Alex Sharpe, Tom Howitt, Luke Collins, Rowan Henthorn, Andrew George Wilson Paul, Izzy Sharpe, Katie Hill, Alison Hinds, Sarah Mercer, Connor Corkish-Sewell, Dave Kneale, Mum, Dad and everyone else that has helped pull trolleys up the beach, fix things, keep the tractor running, provided moral support and generally been there for us 🙂

Thanks also to all our wonderful sailors, who’ve worked hard, had fun and kept smiling and cheerful in the rain! I am sad it’s finished so soon, it’s been fun being on the water with you all.