2 race wins for Manxies at Worlds yesterday

Manx sailors win two races at the RS Tera World Championship yesterday! It was a big day, with four races sailed by the Pros and three for the Sports, the youngsters spent over seven hours on the water! We have great news to report from each of our sailors:

Peter Cope had yet another superb day with 3rd, 3rd, 1st and 5th. The 5th being his discard! He is still in 2nd place overall going in to the final races today.

Teddy Dunn is up there too with a 4th, 14th, 3rd and a 1st in the final race of the day, which moves him up to 4th place overall. Will we see two Manx sailors on the World Championship podium later today?

Georgia Harding had her best day ever, after a shaky start with a 29th (discarded) she then produced a 19th – her best result ever… that was until the third race where she found her own lanes and finished an incredible 8th place, just to prove it wasn’t a fluke Georgia came 7th in the final race of the day. Congratulations Georgia, it is great to see all the hard work paying off.

More good news from the Sport fleet, Archie Dunn was back on form and had a great day with a 13th, 6th and a 2nd in the final race of the day! He is lying in 18th place overall and stands a good chance of moving up some places if it goes well for him today.

Newcomer Amélie Harding set herself a challenge of getting a top 40 place yesterday. She thought it was unrealistic but she’s a determined little soul and she “wanted a proper challenge.” Well she did it! In the first race she was 42nd which was her best result until a 36th in the second race which she backed up with another 36th. She is super proud of herself, as are her family, friends and the rest of the squad both here and in Sweden.

The Pros and Sports are now on the water for the final three races of this World Championship series. I’m on the edge of my seat and my nails are getting shorter by the minute. I only hope that the team are cool and focussed in their races and that it is a smooth day for everyone….

We’ll bring you the results as we get them.