Jack’s new favourite (and only) toy!!

After almost 2 months with us Jack is slowly evolving to display normal dog behaviour!!  During the last full moon we withnessed him picking up a tennis ball & briefly chasing it for a while, although we couldn’t get him to repeat this behaviour after the full moon.

That was until the other day – he found himself a new toy – an orange!!  The orange mysteriously appeared on the floor in Martins flat on Friday night……. Ever since, Jack has been happily wandering round with this orange in his mouth.  It came to Sulby with us on Friday night and he carried on playing with it – nearly took Tony’s fingers off in the process.  I think it dawned on him that we kept trying to take the orange off him – only to throw it back to him again, not liking this game so much he got all possessive of the orange and has now taken to sitting or lying on it so no-one can take it off him!  The selfsame orange is with us in the shop today – anyone visiting or passing the shop need to be aware of stray oranges on the pavement outside.

He’s only just learning how to play! Trying to teach him about health & safety at the same time might be asking to much……. So please, watch your step & fingers and don’t try to steal the orange!

Can’t believe he’s found a toy he likes!!  Maybe it’s a comfort thing coz Jon’s away or maybe Jack thinks he has to be all cool and manly when Jon’s around, but now Jon is away he can play like the big softie dog that he is?