Another windy day in Port Erin

That’s it, the end of our first summer is rapidly approaching! The kids are all going back to school, the wind is blowing (lots), it’s september & it might even rain…….. So we’re having a bit of a slow day today, but that’s ok, it’s quite a welcome break from the place being packed with kids on sailing courses as we have been for the past six weeks non stop!
Yep, Port Erin bay has proved to be a fine location for our sailing school, generally the weather has been kind to us.  We have lost a few days sailing, but only in the strong westerly winds, which still leave the bay perfect for bodyboarding and kayaking in the waves – great fun!

So far this season we have issued twenty RYA Level 1 (adult sailing scheme) Dinghy Sailing Certificates and one Level 2 Dinghy Sailing Certificate.

On the Youth Sailing Scheme we have awarded twenty four ‘Start Sailing’ Stage 1 certificates, six Stage 2 certs and five Stage 3 certificates.  Congratulations to all of you who have participated on our courses and earned your certificates!  We look forward to seeing you all again in the future.

Many thanks to our team of dinghy instructors; Alexa, Rob & Breeshey and  Safety boat drivers; JQ, Baggie, Bacon Boy & Rudi (I think some of them have real names?).
We have also issued two Assistant Instructor certs to Hannah Eales and Ali Hinds, congratulations to you both and thank you for all your help over the season.

Thanks must also go to the shop team for turning up when needed & often at short notice! Stef, Greg, Bill, Mums and everyone else who said yes to the question ‘could you just keep and eye on the place for a few minutes……’

Powerboat training has also been sucessful & we have issued nine RYA Level 2 certs & four RYA Safety Boat certs.  We can proudly say that three of the Level 2 certs went to IOM Coastguard members – thanks to Gordy for running this course (any excuse to play with a fast boat!!! – wish we all got a go!)  Thanks also to Dave, Pete and Baggie for running some excellent powerboat courses over the summer – all the feedback we got was excellent!

It’s been a great season for sailing and powerboating at 7th Wave.  We will be doing more over the winter, particularly powerboating…… And sailing courses will be starting from Easter 2007.  In the meantime we’ve still got body boards & kayaks, a few 5mm wetsuits for the winter! And of course the howies autumn range should be with us in a few weeks (there’s some lovely jumpers etc in the preview catalogue!!)

Hope this winds dies down for the courses we’re running tomorrow & tuesday?