Boats for sale………

It’s the end of the season and we’ve decided to put the RS Teras on sale (don’t worry – we intend to replace them next year!)
For full details of the boats please follow this link:

The boats are ideal kids boats, the perfect step up from an Oppie, lighter and more managable than a Pico and way cooler than a Topper!

We have a fleet of six at 7th Wave in Port Erin, full retail price is £995 inc VAT we’re selling ours, fully rigged and ready to go, with trolleys and top covers at £600, plus the boats are already on the Island so there’s no need to worry about transporting them over here.  The boats are all in good condition having only had one season’s use.  We will definately be replacing them with the same next season.

The boats are great for beginners, intermediate and advanced sailors – they have been tested in a Force 6 to 7, survived in tact and proved to be great fun!  Dave has the photies to prove it! They should also rate really well on handicap, a fine race boat for those of you too small to progress in to the Laser 4.7.

Boats are available to view at any time, please contact us.