New Powerboat Instructor!

CONGRATULATIONS TO JQ!!!!  JQ has just spent the past week down in Southampton doing his powerboat instructor course – which he passed with flying colours, well done Jon we’re all very pleased for you.  Now you’re really gonna have to earn your keep – full time powerboat courses until the end of November methinks – I’ve even got a scutch of kids lined up to do a course or three with you!!!!

Well done you, i’m proud of you!  Me and jack haven’t missed you (much), that’s not really true we’ve missed you loads (especially when we had to try and get the lid off the jerry can!!) Good job we’ve got some hardcore strong girls working here and we coped in your absence, didn’t get the landy or any boats stuck on the beach, didn’t break much that we couldn’t fix and don’t think we had too many blonde incidents and the ones we did have will be well and truly covered up by the time you get home!!!!