Breeshey’s first basking shark!

After almost three weeks with no shark sightings on this side if the Island there were two off the Sker on Monday last week.

We spotted them from the shore at lunch time and quickly gave Breesh the binoculars. Having lived here all her life and spent the last three summers working at 7th Wave she had never, until now, seen a basking shark! Woohoo!! She was happy!

Later in the afternoon the wind had picked up too much and sailing was called off in favour of a bodyboarding session. I took this opportunity to give Breesh a closer look at the sharks, leaving Jam bodyboarding with the kids, Breesh and I set off in the Pig to the Sker.

Two sharks spotted which we watched for a few minutes before heading back to the beach with a very happy Breeshey 🙂