Knot of the week

JQ has started a new initiative to keep us all learning….

Knot of the Week!

We are two weeks into the idea now. The first Knot of the Week was a double bowline, which is apparently 75% stronger than a single bowline and is also a handy one for making a primitive and very uncomfortable bosun’s chair or harness. We once used this knot to hoist a small Breton lad up a J24 mast at Celtics one year, so it can be done….

This week’s Knot of the Week is an anchor hitch, JQ chose this one after watching an instructor attempt to tie the Pig’s anchor warp back onto it’s chain….. As the name suggests this one if tying the anchor warp to the chain and the bitter end to the boat. Add another half hitch to it and you have a fisherman’s bend and a knot that should never come undone by itself.

Knot of next week will be announced tomorrow…..