Youth Sailing Week #3 More girls than boys!

Youth Sailing Week #3 and what a week. It started with the beach being closed due to a diesel spill caused by a visiting boat. Not to be deterred we managed to run a session from the jetty, away from the slick, using the boats we already had on moorings in the water.

On Tuesday lunch time the Coastguard and Commissioners declared the beach open again. There we were, our boats lined up like super cars waiting for the Roads Open after TT races, just waiting for the nod. What followed has been a superb week of sailing with near perfect sailing conditions.

I’m pleased to say that the girls have outnumbered the boys, there have been 15 girls sailing here this week!!! #thisgirlcan#welldoneizzysharpe

We’ve some new additions to the Instructing team, Luke Crowe and Annis Williams both passed their DI course last week and this week have run a text book Stage 1 and 2 course between them, with help from Ealish Green who has joined us from across for a few weeks. Ealish has spent much of her sailing career at 7th Wave and got her DI ticket here last year. She has been teaching sailing at Budworth SC and now here, she is a welcome addition to the team. Finally it is wonderful to have Ffinlo Wright back in the fold too. Ffinlo was our first ever ever sailing customer back in 2006, I took him on a Taster Session in a Tera, he was five years old!

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