Sail away to Aldrick

Yesterday was pretty awesome. The Day Sailing group planned an outing down to Aldrick. They enjoyed fantastic sailing conditions down the coast and back. Piglet even came for the trip so we could get ashore. We anchored the boats off the beach and the crews had fun rowing to and from the shore. We stopped there for a picnic lunch, it was a real treat.

There was a lot of plastic on this beach. In just five minutes our sailors cleaned a boat load of plastic off Aldrick beach.

We talked about the Great Pacific Garbage patch (I was surprised how few people had even heard of this), we talked about Rowan Henthorn’s trip across the Pacific researching the impact of plastics in the oceans. We talked about the global problem and future implications for marine life, bird life, human life and the planet.

We can see the same here, on a smaller scale, outside of our bay is a gyre, plastic just keeps going round it in circles. Our boat load full is just a tiny sample and no doubt more will appear on Aldrick tomorrow. We will continue to pick up plastic we find on beaches and in the oceans. But we need to stop it at the source.

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