Jack’s new favourite (and only) toy!!

After almost 2 months with us Jack is slowly evolving to display normal dog behaviour!!  During the last full moon we withnessed him picking up a tennis ball & briefly chasing it for a while, although we couldn’t get him to repeat this behaviour after the full moon.

That was until the other day – he found himself a new toy – an orange!!  The orange mysteriously appeared on the floor in Martins flat on Friday night……. Ever since, Jack has been happily wandering round with this orange in his mouth.  It came to Sulby with us on Friday night and he carried on playing with it – nearly took Tony’s fingers off in the process.  I think it dawned on him that we kept trying to take the orange off him – only to throw it back to him again, not liking this game so much he got all possessive of the orange and has now taken to sitting or lying on it so no-one can take it off him!  The selfsame orange is with us in the shop today – anyone visiting or passing the shop need to be aware of stray oranges on the pavement outside.

He’s only just learning how to play! Trying to teach him about health & safety at the same time might be asking to much……. So please, watch your step & fingers and don’t try to steal the orange!

Can’t believe he’s found a toy he likes!!  Maybe it’s a comfort thing coz Jon’s away or maybe Jack thinks he has to be all cool and manly when Jon’s around, but now Jon is away he can play like the big softie dog that he is?

End of season sale starts 31st August

Yep, that’s it – the summer is drawing to an end, we still have some of the howies summer range in stock and available at discounted prices from Thursday 31st August.

We are expecting the howies autumn range to be in stock from mid September

New engine on the Tornado

Finally, finally, finally the Tornado RIB is up and running with a new (second hand) 50hp Honda 4-stroke on the back (key start & electric tilt so us girlies can drive it easily too)!  The good news is we are now able to run powerboat and sailing courses at the same time or we can run powerboat courses for up to 6 people per course.

Thanks to Maurice Walsh for the transom rebuild and thanks to Eddie Allen at Yachthaven Marine in Ballasalla for his prompt work getting the engine fitted.  Nice to be fully operational again!

Regatta? Woof?


Good Sniffings upon you, my salty sea-friends.

I be currently biding my time down here in Port Erin, where my fleet is moored while we wait for news from my fellow sea-dogs, but I also be lookin for crew – I need strong willed fellows and lasses to try out my fleet. I don’t want my boats getting shy of the water, they have to be kept on their toes y’see. Can’t be havin em get afraid o’ it can we.

So, if yas think you could help me out on this, there’s a lass in the shop down here who’ll show ya the ropes for the passing of a few good pieces of the ole silver.
I be hearing too that today is Regatta Day in Port Erin, so there’s lots of folk on the beach today, all playing and having a grand old time, al be having to go out there for a skeet soon, but for now I’m just going to be watching the shop, make sure my Skipper doesn’t run off again like she did last night. I don’t want to be loosing a fine crew member to another boat.

Anyway M’ Hartys, I’m off for a tankard of my best grog (though to let yas into a secret – I’m more convinced that The Skipper filled it with water last time I asked her to get some from the holds)

Happy Woof!

Cap’n BlackJack 


Hey Guys, hope you all got there in one piece without too many misadventures on the way?

Things here are fine – we’re coping without you (just) need a powerboat instructor for saturday if anyone gets fed up and decides to come home early!?

Jack is the new boatman! “Rescue Dog” !!! He’s been out doing safety the last 2 days, we’ll soon get him qualified……

Let us know how much fun you’re having and how nice the weather is!!……..

New addition……

We have a new dog! And he likes being at sea!!!
Jack the lad, Timid Jack, Trolley Jack…… Jack the fluffy collie dog!! He is ace!  3 years old, rescued from a farm, hates working – loves chilling out and doing as little as possible! He’s fitted in nicely here.  He’s a looker – an he know’s it!
We took him out to sea yesterday, had a short trip in the RIB out to the Calf & he handled it like a fine seafaring dog and looked great in his lifejacket!!!

He’s no replacement for Pearl who we will always remember, our lovely little girl!  But he’s filling the space she left & turning out to be a fine fella in his own right. Come visit him, he’s normally hanging out at the shop!

7th Wave supporting Martin in the Tin Bath World Champs….

Good luck to Martin Critchley the 7th Wave entrant in the Tin Bath World Championships tomorrow afternoon.  Look out for the latest addition to the 7th Wave fleet – a tin bath tarted up in 7th Wave colours.

Thanks to Bob Comish for the paint job – it’s probably the only professionally spray painted tin bath in the event!! Thanks also to Bob for the attempts at reforming the bath to make it a bit more hydrodynamic!!! (I believe the back wheels of a rally car can be a big help here!??)

See you all in Castletown tomorrow………

Sad News.

It’s taken us a bit of time to update the Captain’s Blog due to the fact that we have had some sad news to announce and have been putting off the dreaded moment, but here it is…

We opened the shop on the 27th May and many thanks to everyone who turned up to show their support.  Sadly Jon, Smeg & Myself missed much of the afternoon following a tragic accident which resulted in the death of our much loved collie dog Pearl.  Pearl became an inspiring little member of the family – to the point of even having voting rights in the house!  🙂  She provided a great motivation for the 7th Wave project and always kept us laughing even at the hardest and lowest parts of the journey.

7th Wave is dedicated to the memory and spirit of Pearl (2003-2006) who brought us so much love in the short time she was part of our lives.  Hoy on Puppy..! x

We are up and running!

It’s been almost three weeks since we opened the shop and centre and so far things have been going well.  The weatherman has blessed us with brilliant sunshine on most days and the odd spot of rain at night – hope it keeps going like this til October!

TT Week was busy, Port Erin Fun Day proved to be a success with 8 kids getting out sailing during the afternoon.  Dave has apparently got some good pics of the day (although we are still waiting to see them!) we’ll post them on the site as soon as Dave has finished editing them….
We ran our first powerboat course last weekend, congratulations to Jon & Chrissy, our first RYA Level 2 Powerboaters.  Thanks to Dave & Baggie for a great course, may there be many more to follow……

Our Specialised Sailing Weeks during the summer are also proving to be popular, many bookings have been taken already and places are filling up fast.

Thanks for all the support so far………

Grand Opening


7th Wave’s Grand Opening is on Saturday 27th May, from 12:30pm.

Weather permitting, all our boats will be on the water. Please bring a towel and a change of clothes if you want to go on the water.

See you there! 🙂